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With a significant track record in the Footwear Industry since 1980, the BEST GROUP has achieved excellent results in its thrity years of experience, by showing a deep knowledge of international markets and by investing most of its resources on the quality of a 100% Italian product.

Leveraging on a wide experience after working with brands from Italy, UK, USA, UAE, Australia

and China, we support emerging and established brands to enhance their products and collections. 
We do this by bringing diversity and fresh ideas for a responsible design, casting light on the brand’s own DNA, carrying out a smart material selection based on trend research for the client’s target audience and assisting the production process to ensure the best quality with

respect to timing, resources and nature. 

our service

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With the skills of our expert shoemakers, we can develop any private labels project in record time!
According to our trend research or your guidelines we can create a specific trend report to adapt the collection to your target audience wants and needs and to
brands aims.  

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If you are a brand struggling in reaching the next level, we can help you to kick-off the first phase of the project by comparing the best quality and price offerings and ensuring production timing.

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Eco-sustainable materials, vegan glues, accessories and components, we can help you  to construct your own network of collaborators that will help you to achieve your goals as a brand.

a new mission

Everything we do we first consider how it will effect the environment.

Our goal is to go beyond the simple usage of some sustainable materials.

We want to realize sneaker as eco-friendly as ethically made.

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