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Whether you are looking for the best quality leather, eco-sustainable materials, accessories and so on, you can construct

your own network of collaborators with us!  The  BEST GROUP  can offer you the support of a design team able to

understand YOU  as a client and your  DNA  as a brand,  just then,  the creative process beggins, by creating a specific trend report to adapt the collection to your target audience wants and needs and  to the  brands aims. Our trend research comes from  personal experience and  knowledge of the industry, combined with the use of online platforms,  trips and worldwide tradeshows such as Lineapelle,  Micam, Milano Unica,  Premier Vision.

Once the trend report and  target price have been accepted,we start working on the concept of the collection,  together with color palette,  material research and  new silhouettes,  until the collection is coordinated  and renders can be done.



For those who have large quantities and are looking for Italian quality at a more competitive price, we have a factory in Albania with our craftsmen from Barletta,

 able to guarantee a quality finished product.



Being based in Barletta,Italy gives us the opportunity to be in touch with one of the biggest and most important cultures of craftsmanship in the world.
Whether you are looking for a big production hub or a small artisan according to our MOQ, we can get you in touch with all these realities, compare best quality and price offerings 
and ensure production timing.


Whether you are looking for the best quality leather, LEAD TIME

With the value of our in-house model makers, we can guarantee record production times. 
Depending on the availability of materials from our suppliers, we guarantee an average time 
of 4 weeks for Made in Italy productions and 5 weeks for Made in Albania productions.



DEVELOPMENT_Tavola disegno 1.png

With the skills of our expert shoemakers, we can develop any private labels project in record time!
According to our trend research or your guidelines we can create a specific trend report to adapt the collection to your target audience wants and needs and to
brands aims.  

CONSULTING_Tavola disegno 1.png


If you are a brand struggling in reaching the next level, we can help you to kick-off the first phase of the project by comparing the best quality and price offerings and ensuring production timing.

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Eco-sustainable materials, vegan glues, accessories and components, we can help you  to construct your own network of collaborators that will help you to achieve your goals as a brand.

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based IN

We operate with pride in Apulia

Address:  Via Bruxelles 21, 76121 Barletta BT, Italy

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